Oprah Responds To Donald Trump’s Tweet, Addresses Rumours Of Presidential Campaign On ‘Ellen’

Oprah Winfrey dropped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday to talk about her new movie “A Wrinkle In Time” and also took the opportunity to respond to Donald Trump’s tweet.

“I woke up and I just thought… (shrugs),” Oprah told Ellen regarding her initial reaction to the tweet. “I don’t like giving negativity power, so I just thought, ‘What?'”

On Monday, the U.S. President called the media mogul “very insecure” and criticized her “60 Minutes” segment on his presidency, labelling it “biased” and “slanted.”

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The tweet did inspire Oprah to go back and double check her “60 Minutes” feature – which included a discussion with 14 pro- and anti-Trump voters – to see if there was any truth to Trump’s criticism.

“What I actually really did was I went back and looked at the tape to see if there was any place that, that could be true,” she admitted to Ellen.

Oprah talked about how the producers go over every detail of the show to make sure the content is fair. “I was working very hard to do the opposite of what I was hate tweeted about so, it’s okay,” she concluded.

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The legendary talk show host also addressed the rumors of her running for president, before discussing her $500, 000 donation to the March For Our Lives movement, the student-inspired protest taking place next month to demand stricter gun control.

Oprah praised the Parkland shooting survivors and their ability to come together to demand change.

“This is exactly what happened in the Civil Rights movement,” she said. “For people like John Lewis and Diane Nash; they were 18, 19, 20 years old – young people who said ‘we have had enough!’ And these kids are right there.”

In a lighter moment, Oprah spoke about the fun she had at Ellen’s 60th birthday party, where she admitted to not recognizing stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and The Weeknd.

Later, Oprah’s “A Wrinkle In Time” co-star, Reese Witherspoon, made a surprise appearance to take on Ellen in a game of trivia to help settle who knows the most about their mutual best friend, Oprah.

“A Wrinkle In Time” is released in theaters March 8.




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