Watch Jared Leto Join The Yakuza In ‘The Outsider’ Trailer

Jared Leto dons a suit and becomes a stone-cold killer in the first trailer for the new Netflix movie “The Outsider”.

The film stars Leto as Nick Lowell, an American soldier locked up in Japan after World War II, who is set free by his Yakuza cellmate. Following his release, Lowell joins the criminal syndicate in an effort to earn respect and repay his debt.

As he navigates the criminal underworld, Leto’s character descends further and further into danger and violence, which includes beating someone over the head with a typewriter.

“In life, sometimes we fight the current, and other times it’s important to flow with the river,” the Oscar winner says in the moody trailer.

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“The Outsider” has been in the works for many years, with the script originally written in 2011. The project jumped from studio to studio, and at one time or another had high-profile names like Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy attached.

Netflix eventually acquired the worldwide distribution rights in 2016.

Martin Zandvliet directed the film, which also stars Rory Cochrane (“Black Mass”), Tadanobu Asano (“Thor”), and Emile Hirsch (“Into The Wild”).

“The Outsider” is set to premiere on Netflix on March 9.




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