Josh Duhamel Defends Ex Fergie’s Controversial Rendition Of The National Anthem

Josh Duhamel and Fergie may have broken up, but they still stand up for each other.

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The actor was on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Friday when the host asked him about the way Fergie was “slammed” for her sultry rendition of the American national anthem at last weekend’s NBA All-Star Game.

“I think that she would probably admit that it’s not her best work,” Duhamel said. “But the girl’s crazy talented. And she’s an amazing woman.

“It’s hard to see someone you care about get beat up like that but that’s the business. You’re in this business and you put yourself out there, and sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t.”

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Duhamel also talked about the couple’s son Axel, who is currently taking a hip-hop class and is about to start T-ball. “Mom puts him in hip-hop clothes, I put him in T-ball clothes,” he joked.



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