Stephen Colbert Slams Trump’s ‘Arm the Teachers’ Plan, Mocks Marco Rubio

Gun control remains a hot topic following last week’s deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and last night Stephen Colbert criticized Donald Trump’s suggestion to arm school teachers.

During his opening monologue on Thursday night’s “The Late Show,” Colbert said, “The national conversation continues to be how to keep our children safe from gun violence. Everyone acknowledges this is a crisis — from the president to the Republican Party to the NRA — every option is on the table… except fewer guns.”

The host then made fun of the U.S. president for having to use a “cheat sheet” with the phrase “I hear you” written on it while at the White House gathering of Parkland survivors.

“It was clearly a test of Trump’s ability to listen because he brought along a cheat sheet that included, ‘I hear you,'” Colbert explained. “I mean, people have cheat sheets, but it is a little unsettling that the president needs a cheat sheet for reacting to other people’s emotions.”

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He then touched on Trump’s suggestions on how to fix the mass shooting problem. “Donald Trump actually does have a suggestion to deal with the number of guns: He wants more of them.

“Yes, just arm the teachers. I’m sure that’s in the school budget too! Sorry kids, we had to cut the music program, but you could still watch Mr. Hutchinson polish his Glock in the darkened band room.”

Colbert then turned his attention to Senator Marco Rubio, who attended the CNN town hall meeting on Wednesday night to discuss gun control with the survivors of the Parkland tragedy.

“The real star of the show was Florida senator and man-who-just-received-his-cash-from-the-NRA Marco Rubio.”

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Colbert introduced a clip from the meeting where Rubio received an unintentional ovation when he stated that to ban some military-style weapons “you would literally have to ban every semi-automatic rifle that’s sold in America.”

“That is a guy who cannot read the room,” Colbert said, before talking about the media’s praise for Rubio turning up at the event.

“Just showing up isn’t that impressive. He works for those people.”

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