Guillermo Parodies Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Guillermo’s plan is not quite as generous as Drake’s.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” pieced together a hilarious parody of the Canadian rapper’s epic music video for “God’s Plan”, which generated more than 42 million YouTube views in one week.

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Drake made headlines for giving away almost $1 million to residents of Miami: paying for groceries, donating to a women’s shelter, paying for a student’s tuition, and more good deeds.

Jimmy Kimmel’s right-hand man Guillermo put his own twist on Drizzy’s video, giving away $100 — minus what he kept for himself — at a dollar store, telling shoppers they can pick out ONE item “for only 99 cents.”

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“The budget for this video was $100,” the parody’s intro reads. “I gave almost all of it away. Don’t tell Jimmy…”

Drake’s “God’s Plan” was part of a two-song EP called “Scary Hours” released Jan. 19.

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