Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon And Mindy Kaling Talk ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ Message, Mastering ‘Fun’ And Falling Down

The powerhouse trio in director Ava DuVernay’s epic “A Wrinkle In Time” want you to know they had a blast working together.

“I think I was the master of fun,” Reese Witherspoon tells ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante as co-stars Oprah Winfrey and Mindy Kaling laugh. “I was self-nominated. I ran for office and elected myself to be the administer of fun. And we had a really good time.”

“You were the Queen of it,” Winfrey adds.

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The ladies of “A Wrinkle In Time” are all laughs as they talk about filming the big-budget sci-fi in New Zealand, where Witherspoon was eager to plan fun adventures for the group.

“We’re not going to go to New Zealand and not have the time of our lives… we were on helicopters and having margaritas,” Witherspoon reveals as Winfrey explains how the “Big Little Lies” star tried to cram in as much “fun” as possible into their days.

“She had a schedule! It was so much to do in one day,” Winfrey says. “I’d go, ‘I’m tired y’all. I’m tired! I cannot. I cannot do the boat thing. Do the mountain hiking thing. Then go to the place and do the yoga retreat. And then do the tequila thing!'”

“And then dinner,” Witherspoon responds. “And then dinner,” Winfrey confirms. “I did a lot of it.”

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The trio reveals their elaborate and beautiful costumes were also put through the ringer while filming in New Zealand.

“Oh, I’ve tripped and fallen in that costume and it’s a work of art,” Kaling says. “I had to run down a hill with ‘Flower Helpers’ but in real life, there are no flowers helping you!”

“I wore that white costume and I spilled coffee on that white costume!” Witherspoon admits. “It was so bad y’all!”

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Though Winfrey, Witherspoon and Kaling had a ball filming “A Wrinkle In Time”, they’re also focused on the important message behind the movie.

“It’s a really interesting time… like with people being [on such] incredibly different sides of political opinions or ideology,” Witherspoon explains. “And I feel and I think this is a great message in this film about, you know what’s inside of you. And you know, truth. You know what’s truly good. You know that. And all children have that and all people have that. It’s sort of sourcing that inside yourself.”


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