Owen Wilson has uttered the word “wow” in many different ways in many different movies — so much so that it’s become a meme after the enterprising folks at Owenergy Studios produced a supercut of all the various times he’s said the word onscreen.

The supercut below — titled, appropriately enough, “Owen Wilson Says WOW” — caught fire after it was posted on YouTube, racking up more than 5.7 million views.

Beyond that, the phenomenon has also inspired a sort-of flash mob in Melbourne, Australia, where thousands of people gathered on Monday for one simple reason: to say “wow” in unison just like Wilson.

The event was initially announced on Facebook by a group called “Owen Wilson Wowposting,” inviting interested attendees to congregate at Melbourne’s Federation Square, which can hold 3,800.

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“Let’s put some positivity out there into the world! Let’s marvel at the beauty and Wonder of this incredible planet we live on, and let’s WOW like Owen Wilson!” read the event description.

Judging by footage posted on Facebook by a Melboure radio station, the event turned out to be a massive success. Watch — and feel free to join in with your own Owen Wilson “wow.”