Watch Jennifer Lawrence Drink Rum And Blast Harvey Weinstein On ‘The Late Show’

Jennifer Lawrence kicked off her shoes and got cozy on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ last night as she slammed Harvey Weinstein, referring to him as “an ass boil that does not go away.”

The disgraced movie mogul’s lawyers had recently used Lawrence – who won an Oscar for her part in the Weinstein-produced “Silver Linings Playbook” – as an example of a woman who apparently had a good relationship with the accused sexual abuser.

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Lawrence, who removed her heels and downed several shots of rum, took issue with the recent developments, telling Colbert that Weinstein is like that “horrible ass boil that will just not go away. You pop the ass boil. He’s just the worst, when is it going to end?”

“In the middle of the night I come up with a statement in London, and I was like, ‘It’s still not over? The awfulness is still happening?'”

“He dragged you into his pile of s**t,” Colbert added.

“Yeah, everybody does,” Lawrence laughed. “But I love my job and I’m very happy,” she added while giving a side-glance to the audience.

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The “Hunger Games” star recently announced that she is taking a year off acting to focus on activism.

“I’m a part of an organization [Represent.Us] that’s trying to pass the state by state legislation to get big money out of politics,” Lawrence explained. “When Trump got elected, my head spun off. And I read all these books and I have really learned myself good about our government.”

Lawrence was also on the show to promote her new movie, “Red Sparrow,” a psychological spy drama where she plays a Russian ballerina turned secret spy, and she had a message for her haters.

“If you’re a typical hater and you have a blog, don’t go [see the movie]. You’re officially, totally uninvited.”

Watch the interview in the videos above. “Red Sparrow” opens in theatres 1 March.


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