It was just another news report for San Diego’s Fox 5 weather anchor Brad Willis on Friday as he prepared to broadcast live from the beach — until a buzzing bug invaded his airspace.

The result: a brief on on-air freakout that is 100-per-cent, Grade-A hilarity.

“Wha-awh-awh,”; he exclaims, dancing around in abject horror as the large insect buzzes around his head. “What is that?”;

When the pesky insect has flitted away, Willis regains his composure. “Was that live? Are we live?”; he asks (yes, Brad, you’re live). “Oh brother!”;

Naturally, his co-workers back in the studio were sensitive to his plight, weren’t they? Yeah, right! Instead, they gleefully took the opportunity to gleefully goof on the hapless insectophobe.

“Brad Willis either got attacked by a large bug or a small drone,”; joked the newcast’s anchor , “I’m not sure which.”; Watch: