Logan Paul Has Ads Restored On YouTube Videos, But Still Faces Probation

YouTube is allowing ads on Logan Paul’s videos once again, but the social media star remains on a 90-day probation period.

YouTube had suspended ads from Paul’s videos earlier this month after he posted yet another controversial video, this one featuring dead rats being Tasered.

Suspending ads meant that Paul, 22, wouldn’t be making any money off any videos he put to YouTube. The company said his recent pattern of behaviour makes his content “unsuitable for brands,” and it has age-restricted access to all of his videos.

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YouTube has lifted the suspension of ads, but according to Polygon, Paul is still on a 90-day probation period.

According to TubeFilter, a spokesperson said the platform engaged in “conversations with Paul and his team” and now feels he better understands YouTube’s community guidelines and advertiser-friendly guidelines, but still remains on probation.

During the probation period, Paul can’t receive premium Google Preferred ads and his videos will not appear on YouTube’s top trending videos list.

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Paul first stoked the world’s ire at the beginning of the year, when he posted a video shot in Japan’s “suicide forest” that showed the body of a man hanging from a tree.

Then, on Feb. 7, he came under fire once again for uploading a video in which he Tasers dead rats outside his Los Angeles mansion.

That same day, Paul made a joke about taking the “Tide Pod challenge“; in a now-deleted tweet, he sarcastically said he would swallow one Tide pod per retweet.

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Most comments under the tweet were incredulous, chastizing Paul for not learning anything. His problematic content, from the Japan video to the rats to the Tide pods, all circle around the issues of death and suicide.

Of course, his die-hard fan base, the “Logang,” did not falter in their support of their hero. Many of the positive comments were from Logang members who were worried that Paul would do something to harm himself.

petition calling on YouTube to delete his channel has more than 665,000 supporters.

—With files from Chris Jancelewicz

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