Kevin Smith Gives Health Update After Heart Attack: ‘The Heart Is Feeling Good’

Kevin Smith is sharing the story of the massive heart attack he suffered Sunday night while he recovers in hospital.

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Smith said at first he felt bad but assumed it was food-related. Later he described having a hard time breathing, like he was “getting over a cliff” with each breath.

Finally, Smith agreed to call a doctor and soon the paramedics were on the way, but that left another, sillier issue to contend with.

“So the paramedics came,” Smith recalled. “The first responders were very patient with a guy who was—never mind the heart attack—deathly afraid of lifting his shirt up.”

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When Smith realized the seriousness of the situation, he understood that it could have been the end for him. “I had a good long moment to think,” he said, getting emotional. He said he thought about his parents and his sibling, as well as the rest of his family and friends.

“What a ride it’s been,” he added.

Smith is home and feeling better.

In a Twitter update the actor assured fans he’s happy to be home.

“Home again, home again, jiggety-jig,” he wrote alongside a selfie. “Home is where the heart is and the heart is feeling good!”


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