Eric McCormack Wants Justin Trudeau To Play His Boyfriend On ‘Will & Grace’, PM Has ‘No Comment’

Many big guest stars have appeared on Global’s “Will & Grace” over the years, but there’s one person that star Eric McCormack has been dreaming of: Justin Trudeau.

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Speaking to Digital Spy the cast of the sitcom talked about who they’d most love to show up on the series revival, and Eric McCormack said his dream guest is the Canadian Prime Minister, and he even has a role for him in mind.

“Because I’m Canadian, and I think it would be a great plot to have Will have a secret Canadian boyfriend he can’t say,” McCormack said. “Everyone’s like, ‘Why, you don’t have a boyfriend? That’s why. You’re just lying.’ And it’s revealed that it’s Justin.”

But it looks like Canada’s PM won’t be able to make a guest appearance anytime soon. ET Canada reached out to the PMO but he has no comment on McCormack’s suggestion.

Meanwhile, co-star Megan Mullally revealed that Meryl Streep was at the top of her list, and revealed the actress had almost appeared on the series’ original run.

“I wanted Meryl Streep to come on, but now she’s going to do ‘Big Little Lies’,” Mullally said. “They tried to get her the first time around, and apparently they almost got her. But she didn’t do it.”

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