Gordon Ramsay And James Corden Eat Bull Penis And Cow Tongue Instead Of Answering Personal Questions

Gordon Ramsay lives his life in search of delicious food, but on “The Late Late Show” he was forced to chow down on some disgusting delicacies.

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The celebrity chef appeared on the late night show Tuesday and host James Corden had them face off in a game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts”. The rules were simple: answer a probing personal question, or opt out by feasting on one of several gross food options.

Among the food on the table were grasshoppers, clam juice, salmon ice cream, pickled pig’s feet juice, cow tongue and bull penis.

First up, Ramsay asked Corden to reveal which big endorsement he doesn’t actually use. The host chose the cow tongue instead.

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When confronted with the question of which celebrity dining guest Ramsay wouldn’t want back at one of his restaurants, the chef chose the bull penis covered in hot sauce instead and his reaction was priceless.



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