Mary J. Blige Divorce Docs Reveal She Made Nothing For Oscar-Nominated Turn In ‘Mudbound’

She earned two Oscar nominations for “Mudbound”, but Mary J. Blige reveals her work in the film actually cost her money.

Divorce docs show Blige, who is nominated for an Academy Award for both Best Supporting Actress and for the Original Song “Mighty River”, has expenses that far outweighed what she was paid for the Netflix film.

The singer-actress has been locked in a contentious divorce from ex-husband and former manager Kendu Isaacs since filing for the split in July 2016. The “No More Drama” singer is arguing against spousal support and blames Isaacs for her financial straits.

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Blige argues her main source of income is from touring, but as a “legacy artist”, her court filings say “there is no market for her to embark on a major world tour every year.” She says she seeks work in film and television, but the roles are not lucrative and instead serve to further her brand and personal image. In the case of “Mudbound”, her salary for the film has been eaten up by $30,000/month payments to Isaacs.

The filings further reveal the singer is in substantial debt and does not own her music catalogue, which includes hit songs “Real Love”, “Not Gon Cry” and “Family Affair”. She is in debt of $25 million in advances and while with Isaacs, the couple racked up another $12 million in debt, which she claims she is still paying off because her former husband is “unwilling” to get a job.

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Isaacs claims he is “unemployable,” according to court documents. He was hospitalized earlier this year due to “stress” from the divorce.

Blige and Isaacs will face one another in court in March.



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