Armie Hammer Renews Feud With Buzzfeed Writer: ‘Try Meditating Or Medicating’

Armie Hammer is going to war with Buzzfeed senior culture writer Anne Helen Petersen.

The “Call Me by Your Name” star called out Petersen over her criticism of Jennifer Lawrence’s recent Vanity Fair profile.

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“I have read a lot of painfully banal celebrity profiles but this new Vanity Fair one on Jennifer Lawrence,” the Buzzfeed writer tweeted. “It’s like toothache-magnitude-painful levels of banality.”

Hammer, 31, bit back at Petersen. “Anne, your glass seems chronically half empty,” the actor replied. “Maybe try meditating? Or even medicating?”

The beef between the two began in November when Petersen wrote an in-depth and extremely critical analysis titled, “Ten Long Years of Trying to Make Armie Hammer Happen”.

Petersen argued Hammer’s white privilege provided him with “many second chances” not often given to actors or actresses of colour. She believed Hammer has failed to become a notable Hollywood star despite snagging many high-profile roles.

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Hammer responded to Petersen’s piercing article, simply writing “Bitter AF,” before revealing to The Wrap he temporarily deactivated his Twitter account over a lack of “impulse control.”

In the aftermath of the criticism of Hammer’s acting, the star did score nine different award nominations for his supporting role in “Call Me by Your Name”.

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