Ryan Reynolds Provides A Tour Of The ‘Scariest Hall Ever’ From ‘Deadpool’ Set

Ryan Reynolds has a knack for turning his downtime while shooting “Deadpool 2” into comedy gold on social media.

For his latest, the Vancouver-born actor — wearing his Deadpool costume — takes fans on a hilarious video tour (which he shared on social media) as he walks down “the longest, scariest hall ever.”

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“Like, has anyone not died of a messy stabbing death in this hallway?” he asks while walking down the hallway, which is indeed long and scary. 

In a subsequent video, he’s accompanied by a female crew member: “Okay, we’re back in the hallway again — the never-ending scary hallway. But I brought security with me this time, I brought Hayley. She’s the muscle of this operation.”

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“What a lot of people don’t know is that this entire hallway has been constructed out of congealed hepatitis, so it makes for a surprisingly sturdy cinderblock,” jokes the star. “You learn something new every day, right? The more you know…”

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Ryan Reynolds Is A Canuck Through And Through

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