Alec Baldwin Discusses New Talk Show, Defending Woody Allen

Alec Baldwin reveals why he decided it’s time for him to host a talk show, and why he has defended Woody Allen.

“Sundays with Alec Baldwin” premieres this weekend, and the host sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about the genesis of the show.

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“The idea of doing a TV show was never really that attractive to me because when we do the show for radio, it’s one kind of reality. The minute you put a camera on people, they change,” Baldwin explained. “Then I decided that maybe if we did a limited number [of shows] – I’m not Fallon or someone who’s gotta do 200 shows a year and you’re on five nights a week for 40 weeks – we’re exempt from that kind of pressure.”

In the first episode of “Sundays”, Alec Baldwin talks to Jerry Seinfeld about the #MeToo movement, which has gotten the host into hot water over his defence of Woody Allen.

“Right now, no one has been prosecuted. Nobody. Is that going to change or are we going to stay in the realm where it’s just accusations and condemnations being played out in the press?” Baldwin said. “But my inclination to want to defend my friends… is a normal inclination. It’s a normal inclination to want to rally by your friends up until the point that they are convicted of something.”

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As for whether he would have Allen on his show, Baldwin said that’s unlikely. “I doubt there’s any amount of money you could pay Woody to come on and talk about this stuff,” he said. “He has already said everything he has to say.”

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