Imagine Dragons Frontman Dan Reynolds Tweets To The Guardian: ‘Don’t Ever Bring Into Question The Validity Of Depression’

Dan Reynolds, the lead vocalist for Imagine Dragons, has no qualms with people’s opinions about his music, but he asks that you do not make assumptions about his mental health.

The 30-year-old singer-songwriter addressed a mixed live event review published by The Guardian‘s Ian Gittins. The opening sentence of the review read, “What the massively successful pop-rockers lack in blue-sky thinking, they make up for in crowd-pleasing bangers.”

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Reynolds has no problem with that. What he does, however, have a problem with is the publication’s commentary on the singer’s bouts with depression.

“Reynolds talks of being diagnosed with severe depression years ago and fulsomely praises his therapist, and yet it is hard to believe that these glistening shells of songs are truly cathartic,” wrote Gittins on Thursday. “‘Yesterday’ could be the 1975 after a few sessions down the gym; ‘I Bet My Life’ is folky, Mumford & Sons-style soft-rock hokum with the depth and soul of a Post-it note.”

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The Imagine Dragons frontman fired back at The Guardian that very same day. “Have what you will with my band and live reviews, but please don’t ever bring into question the validity of depression in regards to whether the music I create is cathartic for me and my mental process,” tweeted Reynolds. “It has been my literal lifeboat since I was 13.”

The band is currently embarked on their “Evolve” World Tour in support of their third album, with two back-to-back shows in Toronto on June 13 and 14.

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