Donald Trump Slams Alec Baldwin’s ‘Dying Mediocre Career’ In Early Morning Tweet, Baldwin Responds

Donald Trump was up early this morning and took to social media to blast Alec Baldwin, the actor known for impersonating the current U.S. President on “Saturday Night Live.”

In a tweet, which originally referred to the 59-year-old actor as “Alex” and misspelled the word “dying” as “dieing,” Trump slammed Baldwin’s “SNL” performance and took shots at his career.

“Alex Baldwin, whose dieing mediocre career was saved by his impersonation of me on SNL, now says playing DJT was agony for him,” he posted. “Alex, it was also agony for those who were forced to watch. You were terrible. Bring back Darrell Hammond, much funnier and a far greater talent!”

The president since deleted the rambling tweet and reposted with the spelling mistakes corrected.

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Trump was referring to recent comments made by Baldwin in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, in which he told the publication that playing Trump on TV is “agony.”

“Every time I do it now, it’s like agony. Agony. I can’t,” Baldwin revealed, before going on to say that he hopes voters soon “get rid” of Trump.

“If things don’t go in the right direction for the midterms… I could go out on the street, stand on any corner and tap 10 people on the shoulder. And all 10 of them, in all likelihood, would be more qualified — ethically, morally, intellectually and spiritually — than Trump,” he continued. “I’ll vote for Mitt Romney. I don’t care. Anybody over this guy. It doesn’t matter. We have to get rid of him.”

In the response tweet, Trump calls for the rehiring of Darrell Hammond, an impressionist who portrayed Trump on “SNL” until 2016, when Baldwin took over the role.

Balwdin, who won an Emmy last year for his performances on “SNL”, has since fired back at Trump in a series of tweets. The former “30 Rock” star said he will continue to portray the president through “the impeachment hearings, the resignation speech,” and “the farewell helicopter ride to Mara-A-Lago.”

He then continued to mock the former “Apprentice” host, listing his expectations of the Trump presidential legacy, before going on to imply that the First Lady, Melania, keeps calling him for “SNL” tickets.

Baldwin had to put an end to his return fire to go and shoot “Motherless Brooklyn,” the Edward Norton movie which he stars in alongside Cherry Jones, Willem Dafoe, and Bruce Willis. Referencing Trump’s earlier tweet, the actor signed off saying, “If this is mediocrity, give me more.”

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