‘Jeopardy!’ Ends In Rare Tiebreaker

A series of incorrect answers left last night’s edition of “Jeopardy!” in a rare sudden death tiebreaker situation.

The final round saw the three contestants struggle with a clue on ‘European Islands’. As a result, reigning champion Laura McLean, a data analyst from Nashville, and challenger Sarah Norris, a technical writer from Minnesota, ended up with the same total.

Host Alex Trebek was not fazed by the unusual predicament, as he moved swiftly onto the tiebreaker category, “Way Back In 2017”, and the clue, “Her April decision to call a snap parliamentary election proved less than brilliant on June 8.”

McLean quickly buzzed in with the correct answer — Theresa May — winning the tiebreaker and bagging herself a total of $19,598.

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It’s the first time a tie has happened since a Teen Tournament in 2014:

The tiebreaker category, which has no monetary prize, was adopted that same year to avoid deadlocks in regular gameplay. However, the tiebreaker is a long-standing rule in tournament play.

If nobody guesses the right answer, the host will continue to ask questions until a winner is decided.


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