Weird Al And Lin-Manuel Miranda Lip Sync Their Polka Cover Of ‘Hamilton’

“Hamilton” may be the biggest musical on Broadway but you haven’t truly made it until you’ve received the Weird Al treatment. Well, now we no longer have to wait for it.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is sharing unreleased “Hamilton” content each month in his “Hamildrops” series, and at midnight on Friday, he dropped an exciting addition to the series courtesy of Weird Al Yankovic.

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In “The Hamilton Polka” the legendary parody artist performs a polka medley of “Hamilton” hits, including “My Shot,” “Wait For It,” “The Schuyler Sisters” and more.

Yankovic and Miranda have become close friends in recent years, joining forces on a number of artistic projects. In February 2016, the pair collaborated on a digital #Ham4Ham, and later that year, Miranda popped up as a special guest at a Yankovic concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Last year, both men were having lunch together when they found out they were to receive stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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The new song is the latest in a long history of Yankovic’s polka medleys, which he started on his 1984 album “Weird Al Yankovic In 3-D”. The accordion-laced mash-ups traditionally feature a selection of recent pop hits.

When Miranda was on “The Tonight Show” last October, he professed his love for Yankovic’s polka parodies, in particular the 1986 track “Polka Party!”.

On Friday’s “Tonight Show”, Weird Al was joined by Miranda to discuss the epic polka parody with Jimmy Fallon.

“It is so intricate, it’s complex, it has every single thing that if you are a fan of ‘Weird Al’… like there’s a side whistle, there’s a duck quack, there’s a ‘pew!’ cartoon sound effects,” Fallon said in awe. “It’s so great, the polka’s great, the harmony’s great, you’re rapping is great. This must be the most intricate thing you’ve ever done.”

Intricate or not, Miranda and Yankovic managed to perform an epic lip sync of “The Hamilton Polka” — watch:

Listen to the “The Hamilton Polka” above.



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