Darren Criss Reveals He Faked A British Accent For Four Years After Lying To A Woman

While appearing on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, Darren Criss revealed that he faked a British accent for four years after getting himself caught in a huge lie.

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“The Assassination of Gianni Versace” star said that when he was around 16-years-old, he and his friends were attending a Phantom Planet concert. The group had balcony tickets, but Criss wanted to get access to the floor. During the show, him and his acting buddies started speaking in a British accent and a woman working the concert asked if they were from London.

“Yeah luv, that’s right,” Criss told her, keeping the accent going.

The “Glee” actor said that he created a whole backstory about how he and his buddies were on vacation and it was their last night in town before heading back to London. Lucky for Criss and his friends, the woman let them on the floor.

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However, Criss wasn’t able to get away with his lie that easily. He ran into the woman the next day, and instead of coming clean, he continued the charade.

“I had to sustain this absurd lie for like four years, like a total idiot,” he told Fallon. “I had committed to it because I had already gone too far down the rabbit hole.”

To the actor’s surprise, he saw the woman years later and told her the truth.

“She’s like ‘I’m not even mad, that’s just the dumbest thing,'” Criss said.

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