Steve Buscemi dropped by “The Late Show” on Friday, and in addition to chatting with host Stephen Colbert the former “Boardwalk Empire” star participated in a hilarious Oscar-related sketch.

Introducing himself as “Hollywood actor and teen idol Steve Buscemi,” he explained that even though he wasn’t nominated to an Oscar this year it wasn’t from lack of trying, revealing that he auditioned for each of the films to receive a nomination for Best Picture — but didn’t land any of the roles.

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In video above, it’s easy to see why, as he snickers his way through saying the name “Reynolds Woodcock” in his “Phantom Thread” audition, puts on a ridiculously over-the-top Cockney accent for “Dunkirk” and simply caws like a crow for “Lady Bird” until he’s informed that the movie isn’t about an actual lady bird.

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