John Mulaney Says Harvey Weinstein Will Be Buried In A ‘XXL Unmarked Grave’

John Mulaney and Nick Kroll pulled no punches when hosting the 2018 Indie Spirit Awards.

The hosts tackled the countless number of sexual assault and sexual harassment accusations made in recent months.

“There’s some stuff we should address,” the hosts said. “Last year everyone famous died, this year everyone famous wishes they were dead.”

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Continuing, “The rules have changed for men. Some men are like can we hug women anymore? Not the way you’re doing it, all breathy.”

Mulaney recalled a meeting with Weinstein in 2015. The disgraced Hollywood executive boasted about his success in the television industry and how people would write “Project Runway” on his grave.

“It’s not gonna say ‘Project Runway,’” joked Mulaney. “It’s going to say ‘XXL Unmarked Grave’.” His comment elicited both laughter and gasps from the audience.

Kroll then took aim at director Brett Ratner. “Those who have had the pleasure of meeting Ratner know he is constantly scratching his balls,” said Kroll.

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“One day, he was really going to town on his sad sacks, below his Banana Republic boxer briefs,” he added.

“We watched him walk away and walk over to the crafts services table where he touched six different doughnuts and then he grabbed one and walked away. If that’s how the guy treats doughnuts…” Kroll tapered off.

The returning hosts also made remarks about Kevin Spacey and Woody Allen.



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