Canadian rockers The Tea Party have four double-platinum albums and another two certified gold, which leaves frontman Jeff Martin not at all shy when talking about the band’s global recognition in relation to other Canadian bands. 

According to a Canadian Press report. the 45-year-old has no problems drawing comparisons to the international popularity of his band vs. others.

I’ve been travelling the world … and going to places unknown, like Lebanon, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt,” he says. “No one knows who the Tragically Hip is in Istanbul. They know damn well who the (expletive) Tea Party is.”;

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If you thought that was boastful, well, Martin was just getting warmed up, displaying the same kind of brash attitude that took the band to success in the first place by comparing himself to a rock legend who just happens to have the same initials as he does.

“Here it comes, here’s a big statement, but you know what, I can do it now, because I’m going on 45 years old,” he begins.

“Jim Morrison was just a (expletive) kid. Twenty-seven-year-old,”; he adds. “And his poetry wasn’t so good. Now, I’ve outlived him, I certainly play guitar better than he ever could.”;