Anna Paquin Remembers That Time BBC Accidentally Showed Her Boobs On Live TV: ‘I Was Quite Excited’

Many will remember the hilarious BBC mishap featuring Anna Paquin, a “True Blood” sex scene and a live news broadcast.

Last year, during Sophie Raworth’s “News At Ten” live broadcast on the BBC, someone in the background was watching an episode of the sexy HBO hit, “True Blood”. But what many viewers noticed were someone’s breasts, Paquin’s girls, to be exact.

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The Canadian actress sat down with Conan O’Brien on “Conan” and discussed the viral moment.

“I was quite excited that somebody had brought this to my attention,” she said. “But also, I was then like, ‘Holy s**t, those are my tits!’”

The Oscar-winner added, “It’s empowering.”

“They were mine. I was like, I have to claim my own boobs,” Paquin continued. “Free the nipple or whatever!”

Even at the time of the accidental showing, Paquin took to Twitter to laugh off the moment, “MY BREASTS!” she wrote. “So funny on so many levels.”

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Paquin’s “True Blood” co-star Robert Kazinsky, who was also featured in the scene, even added to the action when he tweeted, ”Thankfully it’s a shot of you and not my tombstone tied donut eating belly.”



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