After two memorable years, Jimmy Kimmel says he is done hosting the Oscars.

Sitting down with Ryan Seacrest on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” following the 90th Academy Awards, the late night host confirms he will not return to host for a third year. “No, it’s enough already,” he says, amid smiles.

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Opening up about his 2018 hosting experience, which followed last year’s Best Picture award flub, Kimmel jokes that he wasn’t worried this year.

“I have a sick sense of humour,” he says. “I actually said to my cousin Sal, ‘Sal, when Warren Beatty brings that envelope out, you run out there, snatch that envelope and just keep running until morning,'” adding, “but he chickened out.”

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Addressing his hilarious moviegoer surprise, which saw stars like, Gal Gadot, Mark Hamill and Margot Robbie bring snacks to unsuspecting viewers at a nearby “A Wrinkle in Time” screening, Kimmel says he didn’t know what to expect.

“Nothing is set up,” he explains, revealing that he did get a bit nervous when fans in the theatre began to stand up. “I had a moment where I thought, ‘Oh, maybe this was a mistake. ‘Wonder Woman’ is going to actually have to fight people.”

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When it comes to hanging out behind-the-scenes during commercial breaks, Kimmel says, “I just hang around and look at people backstage. It’s funny because you have these moments with people who you don’t necessarily know.”

He explains, “It’s like, ‘Oh, here’s Nicole Kidman and she seems to be taller than I am,’ and then you don’t know if you should talk to them because you’re both on the show, but usually there’s a little bit of back and forth.”

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