Alec Baldwin hosted his first late-night talk show “Sundays With Alec Baldwin” after Sunday night’s Academy Awards and Jerry Seinfeld was his first guest.

The pair of comedians dove into the topic of Hollywood’s ongoing, powerful #MeToo and Time’s Up movements.

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But Baldwin quickly began to express his sympathy for Kevin Spacey, who has been accused multiple times of sexual misconduct.

“It’s always so sad to watch people self-destruct. Even though they’re horrible people, some of them. Like Kevin Spacey,” the “Saturday Night Live” alum said. “I love Kevin, but Kevin was a big fan of [Kevin]. Kevin was the president of Kevin’s fan club.”

“Fame was so important to [Spacey]. He loved being recognized. And now, it’s the opposite,” Baldwin continued. “It’s going to be a death sentence for him. He’s almost going to come out of there and go, ‘Please, don’t look at me. And I don’t want you to remember me.’ It’s going to be very, very ugly for him now.”

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After his comments about Spacey, Baldwin said he is concerned male directors might not want to hire more women because of these movements, although Seinfeld did not agree.

“But it doesn’t matter – we gotta go through this,” said Seinfeld. “Doesn’t this seem like a necessary bowel movement that the culture has to have?”

Baldwin added, “It’s a pretty epic bowel movement.”