Another woman is coming forward to level allegations of sexual misconduct against Jacob Hoggard, claiming the Hedley frontman ignored her ground rules and forced her into sexual acts she didn’t want to engage in.

In a graphic interview with CBC News, the Toronto woman (who wishes to remain anonymous), alleges she met Hoggard at a Toronto meet-and-greet during Canadian Music Week in 2013, stating that she was 40 years old at the time.

According to her account, she admits she was at a “low point” when she met Hoggard, and found herself flattered by the attention from the singer, who was then 28. Via text, she says she and Hoggard made plans to meet in his hotel room in downtown Toronto.

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When Hoggard opened the door, she tells CBC News she was reconsidering whether she should stay but instead decided to “go with the flow.”

In her account of what happened next, she says Hoggard took her purse — which held her phone — and placed it in the bathroom, where she wasn’t able to get at it easily. At this point, she alleges Hoggard began groping her and pulling her clothes off.

“I was trying to make small talk, because I was nervous,” she says. “I didn’t want to jump into things, because that’s not what I envisioned.”

She also claims she explicitly laid out ground rules for the encounter, explaining she was recovering from a shoulder injury and didn’t want to engage in any rough sex. She also says she stipulated Hoggard wear a condom and that she didn’t want to engage in anal sex; Hoggard, she alleges, ignored the last two requests during their sexual encounter, leading her to undergo an HIV test afterward.

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“There was only three rules, but I could … barely get those out, because he just kind of wanted to get, like, to business,” she explains.

She says that she later sent him a text admonishing him for ignoring her ground rules, and that the anal sex was not consensual. “I said, ‘I don’t know how you could possibly think that me telling you at the very beginning and then four times more that I don’t want it meant that that was consensual.'”

She recalls Hoggard texting her back with a response similar to, “Oh I’m sorry. I thought you wanted it.”

Hoggard, however, insists that all aspects of their sexual encounter were consensual. In a statement made via Twitter prior to CBC News publishing its story, he contends he “did not engage in any sexual activity without her consent. The allegation is startling and categorically untrue. It is not within my capacity as a person to force anyone beyond their boundaries.”

He adds: “Nothing will change the fact that I did not sexually assault her or anyone.”

In the video below, the woman discusses her encounter with Hoggard.