Shocking Video: Ex-Subway Pitchman Jared Says Pedophiles Who Get Caught Are ‘Idiots’

With disgraced former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle expected to plead guilty to charges of distributing child porn and engaging in sex acts with minors, a 2008 appearance on a VH1 TV show is coming back to haunt him in all its cringeworthy, irony-soaked glory.

According to Uproxx, Jared made an on-camera appearance in a 2008 edition of VH1’s I Love the New Millennium, and threw in his two cents about those creepy pedophiles who get busted by Chris Hansen on NBC’s To Catch a Predator.

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“These guys continue to fall for it every single time,”; said the guy who would eventually be revealed as a predator pedophile himself. “There must be, like, a hundred million episodes of this show, and these guys still come out.”

Alanis Morissette put it best when she wondered: isn’t it ironic? Watch — Jared’s creepy comments come just after the six-minute mark:


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