Pamela Anderson Stars In New PSA Warning Against Ride-Hail Terms And Conditions

Pamela Anderson is continuing her crusade to warn people about the potential dangers of ride-hail apps.

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In her latest PSA for Ride Responsibly and PAVE, the actress gets into a ride-hail service car, only to have the driver read out a long list of terms and conditions waiving company of liability for any offensive or damaging content.

The driver then takes off, without giving Anderson an opportunity to mull over the “risk” she is taking on.

The new PSA is the third in a series the actress has done in partnership with the National Limousine Association’s campaign on the risks of using ride-hail services.

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“Ride-hail apps have become such an integral part of daily life that we don’t often stop to consider the safety that we deserve,” Anderson said in a statement. “People trust these companies to provide them with a safe, convenient service and yet, the terms and conditions that we all accept absolve the companies of any responsibility.”

“The number of attacks reported by passengers nationwide speaks for itself, and it’s time that we ask our lawmakers to take action before continuing to allow these services to operate in their jurisdictions,” she added.



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