Katy Perry Talks ‘Idol’ With Kimmel, Jokes About Pranking ‘Uncle’ Lionel Richie On Set: ‘We’re Ruining His Legacy’

Katy Perry will be making her “American Idol” debut on Sunday, and TV’s latest talent-show judge dropped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday night to discuss her new gig.

Chatting with Kimmel about reviving “Idol”, for which she’s reportedly picking up a cool $25 million a season, she discussed the dynamic between herself and her fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. “Luke Bryan and I are like brother and sister,” she revealed, “and Lionel’s kind of like our uncle.”

Perry joked that she and Bryan aren’t afraid to send some good-natured ribbing, and the occasional practical joke, Richie’s way. “Well, we respect Lionel just about as much as his kids respect him,” she quipped, “but it’s not a lot.”

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After Kimmel pointed out how his daughter Nicole Richie “tortured” him, Perry admitted, “Here’s the deal: he’s like giving some eloquent statement about how when he was with Whitney or Michael to some hopeful contestant, and we’re prepping a whoopie cushion, like, for him to sit down on after he’s done his Ted Talk.”

Added Perry: “And he just goes for it every time. It’s amazing. We’re ruining his legacy.”

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Earlier in the interview, a clip from Sunday’s debut episode of the revived “Idol” showed Perry and an 18-year-old contestant using the word “wig,” which proved so confusing to Kimmel he asked Perry what it means.

“It’s a language that sometimes the kids and I speak, it’s a little bit Internet language,” the “Roar” singer explained. “But basically when somebody sings really well, and they sing, you know, they sing so well that the wig flies off.”

She added: “Sometimes the glue isn’t strong enough to hold the vibrations and the wig flies all across the room. That’s when you know you can really sing.”

“American Idol” returns to TV on Sunday, March 11.

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