Beyoncé was one of the headliners at Philadelphia’s Made in America music festival last night, but it’s safe to say that Queen Bey stole the show.

With multiple costume changes, onstage shout-outs to MMA fighter Ronda Rousey and late poet Maya Angelou, and smoking-hot performances of her biggest hits, Beyoncé delivered a powerful stage show with a powerful message, focusing on female empowerment throughout.

Kicking off her set with “Crazy in Love,”; Beyoncé also performed such crowd-pleasers as “Bootylicious,”; “Survivor,”; “Drunk in Love”; and “Single Ladies,”; with a different outfit to accompany each song, reports The Daily Mirror.

2015 Budweiser Made in America Festival - Day 1

In fact, Beyoncé set Twitter on fire last night with the hashtag #BeyonceMadeInAmerica, with tweets such as this one detailing her numerous costume changes:


One of the night’s biggest moments came when the voice of fighter Ronda Rousey, delivering her much-publicized manifesto on “do-nothing chicks,”; was played over the P.A. system:

“The kind of chick that just tries to be pretty and be taken care of by someone else,”; declared Rousey, whose image also appeared on the large screen behind the stage. “That’s why I think it’s hilarious if my body looks masculine or something like that. Listen, just because my body was developed for a purpose other than (sleeping with) millionaires doesn’t mean it’s masculine. There’s not a single muscle on my body that isn’t for a purpose, because I’m not a do-nothing.”;

2015 Budweiser Made in America Festival - Day 1

For a small taste, check out this excerpt from last night’s show: