Meghan Trainor Opens Up About Anxiety, Says It’s ‘Very Scary’ To Be ‘Alone With Your Thoughts’

Despite recently getting engaged, on the peak of her third album release and having her new single “No Excuses” reach #1 on iTunes, Meghan Trainor recently found herself in a dark battle with anxiety.

After taking a break from the spotlight, pop star Meghan Trainor opens up to ET Canada in a Canadian exclusive about her most recent vocal cord surgery and the mental and physical effects it had on her.

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Following her second ever throat procedure, Trainor was faced with a thought that nearly drove her to her breaking point: never being able to sing again. The singer/songwriter’s post-surgery resting period quickly transitioned into a time of dark introspection.

“Alone with your thoughts is a very scary place to be,” says the 24-year-old. “That was my first pinch-me moment of ‘you’re a pop star and you work hard’ and I didn’t take it well. I had anxiety and kind of freaked myself out and some days I’d be happy, but feel like my body had the flu. I went to the emergency room one night like ‘I’m having an allergic reaction my throat is closing’ and they were like ‘no sweetie, you’re having a panic attack’ and that was the worst thing to hear because it was like ‘oh, I’m doing this to myself?!'”

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Despite facing severe anxiety, the “All About That Base” singer managed to take control of her fears and instead challenged all of her energy into her new album and recent fiance. “I came out of it and I’m better than ever, I’m happy and healthy and so excited about this amazing album,” Trainor reveals, before going on to gush about her “Future Husband” Daryl Sabara. “He takes care of me so much, he’s just so perfect. Today I know I’m going home and I know he has a smoothie in the fridge for me and he massages my feet every night because he knows I dance in heels all day. He sees how hard I work and he’s like ‘I’m just here and I’m going to help you and support you.'”

With her upcoming wedding and new album dropping this summer, Trainor is certainly set for a great year ahead.



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