Bono has never been one to shy away from delving into political issues, and the U2 front man spoke his mind about Europe’s ongoing refugee crisis during last night’s show in Turin, Italy.

Talking to the audience between songs, Bono addressed the crowd: “We don’t know what the answer to the refugee crisis in Europe and Africa is, but we know that if we don’t figure it out, then Europe, which is a beautiful idea, will be no more,”; he said, as reported by NME. “So we have to figure it out, whatever it is.”

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In addition, Bono changed the lyrics during the band’s performance of “Pride (In The Name Of Love),”; including the lyric “One boy washed up on an empty beach,”; referring to refugee toddler Aylan Kurdi, whose photo has become the international symbol of the refugee crisis.

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“It’s incredible,”; Bono continued. “Watching the news, ordinary people, all of us seem capable of such great evil and such great love. I don’t know the answer to the refugee crisis in Europe and Africa, but I know we must work together to find an answer to the refugee crisis in Europe and Africa. As Nelson Mandela said: ‘It always seems impossible until it is done.’ What do you want? A Europe with its heart and borders closed to mercy? Or a Europe with its heart open?”