Kelly Clarkson had “the best afternoon ever” answering questions from fans while playing with puppies.

The “Love So Soft” singer couldn’t contain her excitement when she hung out with Buzzfeed for their fan-favourite segment, “The Puppy Interview”. Clarkson chatted about her new album, her “American Idol” days and her time on “The Voice” all while playful dogs jumped around.

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Clarkson’s new album, “Meaning Of Life”, had a lot of women inspiring it, women like Michelle Obama, Toni Braxton, Bonnie Raitt and Mariah Carey. But Obama actually reached out to Clarkson’s compliment, “It’s so weird that you say this because I did get a handwritten letter from Michelle Obama about ‘Go High’! which I obviously wrote inspired by the message she gave at the Democratic Convention. I have met Bonnie Raitt and Mariah Carey which is amazing – I’ve never met Toni Braxton!”

One fan asked about her “American Idol” start and wondered if she ever voted for herself, “I never, never voted on my season. Not even for myself, which is dumb! Like, I should’ve. But we lived in a house altogether, and then you would’ve looked like the tool voting for yourself [laughs].”

But what about those judges, who would Clarkson trust to babysit daughter River Rose and son Remington?

“I like a person who can discipline so I’m probably gonna pick Simon [Cowell]!” Clarkson answered. “And he has a kiddo now, so he knows how to lay down the law. Watch him actually be a softie with kids though.” “I bet he’s soft, I bet we think he’s probably this like disciplinary and he’s probably like, ‘yes, you can have your pony!’ He’s probably like super sweet and we don’t know.”

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Clarkson is about to embark on another reality singing competition, but this time “The Voice”. But who among her fellow judges would she reach out to for help if she got herself in a sticky situation?

“It depends on the scenario! I mean, I think I’d call Blake [Shelton], I think I know him a little better than the others. But I don’t know, I think Adam [Levine] could charm himself out of a situation, and Alicia Keys had this weird gravitational pull to humans so she could help me out too,” she explained. “I don’t know, people fall for the southern charm – I’d probably call Blake.”