Russell Crowe Is Selling Some Truly Odd Items At His ‘Art Of Divorce’ Auction

Russell Crowe is finalizing his divorce this spring and he’s commemorating the event in a pretty unique way: with an auction.

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The 53-year-old actor is selling a collection, titled “The Art of Divorce”, consisting of movie memorabilia and other belongings including guitars and watches through Sotheby’s Australia auction house.

Bloomberg sorted through the vast array of items for sale to find some seriously strange offerings, including a brown leather jock strap from “Cinderalla Man” on sale for for $500 to $600. There’s also a pair of ice skates used by the actor in the 1999 film “Mystery, Alaska” selling for $400 to $800.

The auction will take place on Saturday, April 7, Crowe’s birthday as well as his wedding anniversary to now-ex Danielle Spencer.

“We’ve been separated over five years now, our divorce should be finalized around the time of the auction,” Crowe told Australia’s Daily Telegraph, according to The Daily Beast.

“Just as we collaborate on the upbringing of our kids, it’s easy for us to work together on something like this,” the actor added. “I think she feels the same way I do in regards to just moving on things that help create space for the future.”

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Among the items for sale are a “fully functioning” Roman Chariot from “Gladiator” and a violin from “Master and Commander”, estimated to be worth between $110,000 and $140,000. The full auction is said to be valued at approximately $2.8 million.

“On the practical side, this collection probably equates to three rooms full of things I’ll no longer have to care for, document, clean, tune, and insure,” Crowe said.



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