Oprah Just Sold 2 Million Weight Watchers Shares And Made $110 Million

Oprah Winfrey netted $110 million when she sold 25 per cent of her holdings in Weight Watchers this month, according to a statement by the company.

Winfrey, who helped Weight Watchers make a comeback in 2015, just sold 2 million of her shares.

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The media mogul also donated 361,000 shares to her charitable foundation, who sold them for $22.6 million.

Weight Watchers said in the statement that Winfrey will not be selling anymore shares this year.

“I am deeply committed to Weight Watchers and continue to see a bright future for the company,” Winfrey said in a statement.

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Since the billionaire joined forces with the weight loss company in 2015, the profits nearly quadrupled and the shares had gained 32 per cent this year.

With the help of Winfrey the company has been continually updating its programs and adding subscribers.



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