Michael B. Jordan Adopts ‘Inclusion Rider’ Clause For Future Projects

Francis McDormand’s acceptance speech at the Oscars struck a chord with many, including Michael B. Jordan.

“I have two words to leave with you tonight, ladies and gentlemen,” said McDorman when accepting her Best Actress Oscar. “Inclusion rider.”

Many were left scratching their head, but McDormand was quick to elaborate on what exactly “inclusion rider” means.

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Basically, an inclusion rider is a stipulation actors and actresses can put in their contracts requiring at least 50 per cent of the cast and crew to be women or people of colour.

“The whole idea of women ‘trending?’ No. No trending,” she said. “African-Americans trending? No. No trending. It changes now. And I think the inclusion rider will have something to do with that.”

And that is something “Black Panther” star Jordan is completely onboard with.

“In support of the women and men who are leading this fight, I will be adopting the Inclusion Rider for all projects produced by my company Outlier Society,” the actor revealed on Instagram.

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“I’ve been privileged to work with powerful woman and persons of colour throughout my career and it’s Outlier’s mission to continue to create for talented individuals going forward,” he expressed.

The focus on diversifying Hollywood has been a significant movement over the past several years.

The recently released “Annihilation”, starring Natalie Portman and Gina Rodriguez, for example, featured a primarily female cast of various ethnicities.

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