Ellen Pompeo Reveals She Was Completely ‘Willing To Walk Away’ From ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Before Pay Rise

Ellen Pompeo is one powerful woman and her successful fight for equal pay only added to her power.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” star, who is now television’s highest-paid actress with $575,000 per episode, is opening up about what it took to get paid the same as former co-star Patrick Dempsey.

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InStyle Magazine
InStyle Magazine

“The only time you ever have a good negotiating position is if you’re completely willing to walk away,” she told InStyle magazine. “And I really never was until the last round.”

But how exactly was she successful in that fight? “I lead with kissing a**,” Pompeo, 48, said. “You always want to start with the positive.”

And her time with “Grey’s” isn’t up yet, “I’ve been on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ forever, and I don’t chase relevancy or trophies. A lot of girls would rather have the attention, and then they realize in their 40s that they have no money to feed their kids and they’re f**ked.”

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InStyle Magazine
InStyle Magazine

She added, “I made the choice to be okay with no awards and no attention and make it just about going to work and punching the clock. Which I think is healthier for the ego down the line.”

Read Pompeo’s full interview with InStyle here.



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