Tommy Lee is letting his guard down following a serious altercation with his son Brandon Lee on Monday.

The Motley Crue drummer got candid in a statement to Entertainment Tonight. “Truthfully this whole situation has become so depressing and out of control,” he said. “My heart was broken when my son punched me.”

“Should I have posted it on social media? Probably not,” Lee admitted before saying he was befuddled by his son’s assault and how he “filmed my unconscious body laughing.”

“This isn’t what I want for anyone,” he confessed.

He accused his ex-wife Pamela Anderson, who also released a statement on Thursday, of being the catalyst for the drama.

“The thing that started all this was Pamela going on a barrage of interviews talking about the past, right as soon as I got engaged to my fiancee, who I have a beautiful relationship with,” he explained.

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“The fact that Pamela would ignore my pleas for her to stop, pushed me over the edge,” Lee alleged. “I messaged her several times asking her to stop taking these interviews, that [it] was hurting me and the boys, and she would ignore me.”

Lee admitted he drinks more than the average individual, but refused to label it as a problem: “Do I drink? Yes. Do I drink more than the average Joe? Yes.”

“Have I ever hurt my sons or acted out of turn with them because of my drinking? No,” he insisted. The rocker also defended his fiancee’s character, shutting down the idea she fuels his bad habits. “My fiancee barely drinks.”

Lee, 55, insisted he was not doing hard drugs. “I haven’t in years,” he stated. “No matter how much people wanna pin me as this deviant alcoholic abuser, that isn’t me. I’m a happy fun loving guy. I’m joking around all the time, and people take it the wrong way sadly.”

He also further detailed his son’s alleged assault. “He came in the room angry about my response to Pamela’s relentless press about our old relationship, with his dukes up, telling me to get up and fight him,” explained Lee.

“When I stood up he pushed me into a wall. I  didn’t want to hit my son,” he claimed. “I never have and I never will. If I wanted to clock him I would have knocked him on his a**. He had no problem knocking me out.”

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“I asked him to leave and he spun around and sucker punched me,” he continued. “Knocked me unconscious.”

The rockstar believes he has changed his own behaviour, but the public won’t give him the benefit of the doubt. “I have an abusive past, which people will always bring up. But I’ve changed,” he said. “I don’t hurt people anymore.”

“I’ve learned, I’ve served time; I’ve taken a long hard look at myself,” expressed Lee. “It’s hard to grow and move past things when people are constantly bringing up the past.”

Lee claims Anderson manipulated his sons against him during his time on tour: “The boys have been poisoned against me sadly.”

“My alleged ‘alcoholism’ has nothing to do with this,” he reiterated. “I’ve been in therapy and working on myself, my fiancee is the one who got me into therapy!”

Lee concluded with a message to his children. “I love my boys, I will always love my boys, I just want them to learn that you cannot hurt people without repercussion,” read the final sentence of the letter.

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