Exclusive: ET Canada Visits The ‘Timeless’ Set Before It Returns For Season Two

Merely three days into the cancellation of Global’s drama “Timeless”, there was such a large outcry from fans that it was immediately brought back for season two.

“Timeless” is the story of Lucy the historian, Wyatt the soldier, and Rufus the scientist travelling through time to save history.

After they form an unlikely friendship, the three begin travelling to historic places and times such as the Chicago World’s Fair and Nazi Germany and cross paths with famous historical icons such as Josephine Baker, Harry Houdini and Ernest Hemingway.

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The show has been filmed in many different locations, from Vancouver to Los Angeles.

Spoiler alert, the characters’ new base is actually set to be shot in an old underground bunker. “It feels very ‘Blair Witch’ down here,” Abigail Spencer, who places Lucy, jokes to ET Canada on set. Despite being set underground, the love between Abigail’s character Lucy and Matt Lanter’s character Wyatt may very well begin to sprout. “It’s that classic case of sexual tension that has blossomed into something real and something that has depth,” Lanter says.

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Rumour has it, we may even see a love triangle form between the two and the show’s antagonist Garcia Flynn. Goran Visnjic, who plays Garcia, explains to us that “Lucy and Flynn have had an interesting dynamic since the pilot… It’s just easy for them to talk about things and of course he has a special relationship with Wyatt and some things have happened there that are quite unusual.”

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The break between seasons was well timed as Lanter recently became a dad. And according to his co-star Abigail Spencer, one specific thing ensured he was ready for fatherhood:  “Matt is dad joke central, so he is primed and ready to move into his proper place in the world.” Lanter laughed and replied, “who doesn’t love a good dad joke?”

Catch the premiere of “Timeless” season two on Global, March 11 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.



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