After Alleging Bill Cosby Drugged Her, Beverly Johnson Says: ‘I Forgive You’

Last year, supermodel Beverly Johnson made headlines by recounting a shocking tale of how Bill Cosby — a man whom she considered to be a friend — gave her a cup of coffee that made her feel woozy and lightheaded, a story that is frighteningly similar to those of dozens of other women who claim they were drugged and sexually assaulted by the former Cosby Show star.

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Johnson appeared on today’s Good Morning America to promote her new memoir, The Face That Changed It All, and admits that the trauma from that event all those years ago continues to linger.

“It was almost like a family member betrayed me,”; says Johnson. “There was a huge sense of betrayal for me.”;

Johnson was also asked what she would say to Cosby if she were to encounter him again. Her answer was brief and surprising: “I forgive you.”;

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As for what she personally would like to see happen to the once-beloved TV dad (who has yet to face any charges stemming the allegations of more than 50 women), she says that’s not up to her.

“Well, I’m going to leave that up to the Justice Department,”; she says. “I just feel [Cosby] is a lightning rod for a bigger conversation, and that conversation would be [about] the rape culture in America.”; Watch:


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