Sterling K. Brown Spoofs ‘This Is Us’ And More ‘SNL’ Highlights

Sterling K. Brown took to the stage of Studio 8H in Rockefeller Center to make his debut as host of “Saturday Night Live”, and the “This Is Us” star became emotional, breaking into tears pretty much constantly while trying to deliver his monologue.

“It’s ‘SNL’, you know. I mean, how lucky am I to be here, and on top of everything I’ve gotten to do in the last few years, it’s just like the icing on the cake,” says Brown as he chokes up. “Get it together, Sterling Kathleen.”

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He’s not too successful at pulling himself together, leading Leslie Jones to step in. “Sterling, you gotta stop crying,” she tells him. “You are ruining you for me.”

One of the episode’s highlights found Brown starring in a parody of “This Is Us”, but with members of President Trump’s White House staff instead of the Pearsons. Along with Brown playing Ben Carson, Aidy Bryant portrays Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Pete Davidson plays a cash-strapped Jared Kushner and Kate McKinnon revives Kellyanne Conway, who reveals she can’t cry because “I have nothing in me.”

Steve Harvey (Kenan Thompson) hosts another edition of “Celebrity Family Feud”, pitting Oscar winners against Oscar losers. Heading the “winners” team: Frances McDormand (Kate McKinnon), who reveals the two words that are going to change the entertainment industry: “Burlap dress.” Other celebs skewered in the sketch are Guillermo del Toro (Beck Bennett) — or, as Harvey calls him, “Gucci del Taco” — and Common (Sterling K. Brown), who annoys everyone by turning every answer into an inspirational speech.

Weekend Update brought another visit from Trump brothers Don Jr. (Alex Moffat) and Eric (Mikey Day) to refute a variety of claims made against their father, such as the president’s alleged tryst with porn star Stormy Daniels. While Don Jr. insists the whole notion is “ridiculous,” Eric agrees, insisting all they did was “wrestle in bed.” As a bonus, departed cast member Vanessa Bayer makes a welcome return as hilariously uninformed meteorologist Dawn Lazarus.

Brown heads up this sketch as a Bigfoot expert whose advice on what to do when encountering a Sasquatch is not the greatest.

“Saturday Night Live” airs Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. PT/11:30 p.m. ET on Global; you can also watch full episodes online.

Don’t miss “SNL” on Saturday, Mar. 17 when former cast member Bill Hader returns to host, joined by musical guest Arcade Fire.

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