Ed Sheeran Fans Complain After Several People Faint From Overheating At Concert

Several people collapsed from dehydration at an Ed Sheeran concert at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, and fans are calling on the stadium to institute changes.

Ambulance services confirmed to the Sydney Morning Herald that multiple people were treated at the concert Saturday night on a day when temperatures in the city reached a high of 35 degrees.

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Speaking to Yahoo 7, one fan said, “In the first act they had to stop and get security to help someone who had fainted. Then it just kept happening all show.”

“Patrons’ health and safety is always our number 1 priority and we are continually monitoring the situation,” a spokesperson for the stadium told the Herald. “The temperatures inside the stadium were not at a level that put Ed’s fans at risk.”

“Free water stations were available throughout the venue for fans to continually hydrate … and they were encouraged to do so. On the stadium floor there was free water being handed out throughout the night to fans,” the spokesperson added.

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Despite the free availability of water, fans told the newspaper that there were not enough water stations considering the tens of thousands attending the concert. One fan said that an attendant at a pop-up bar in the stadium tried to charge her $5 for water.

“I’ve looked at the picture of where the free water was located,” said another fan. “[The drinking fountains were] about 10 aisles either side of where I was, with no signs that I could see. The bar itself should provide water.”




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