Tommy Wiseau, the man behind cult favourite “The Room”, is looking for his next role.

With a spinoff centred on Batman villain the Joker in the works, Wiseau believes he would be a much better choice than Joaquin Phoenix, who is reportedly attached to star.

The actor-writer-director has been hinting on social media that he should star in the film, tweeting at the spinoff’s director, Todd Phillips, about the role.

Fans have even gotten in on the joke, making a fake trailer mashup of “The Room” and “The Dark Knight”.

Now, Nerdist has gotten involved with Wiseau to present his equally hilarious and terrifying audition video for the role of The Joker, channelling Heath Ledger’s makeup-smeared look in “The Dark Knight” as he quotes some of the character’s greatest lines.

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“Why so serious?” he ponders, throwing in a few quotes from Jack Nicholson’s 1989 “Batman” performance.

“Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” he asks in the video, partnering with Batman for a few dialogue scenes.

Wiseau, whose journey into cult fandom was chronicled in James Franco’s “The Disaster Artist”, ends his audition with some parting words for viewers: “Enjoy life.”