Taylor Swift’s ‘Delicate’ Video Accused Of Ripping Off Kenzo Ad Directed By Spike Jonze

Taylor Swift’s new “Delicate” video looks awfully familiar.

The just-released music video directed by her long-time collaborator Joseph Kahn is stirring up controversy online for it’s similarities to a Spike Jonze-directed Kenzo ad from 2016.

The Kenzo video short by “Being John Malkovich” director Jonze features “The Leftovers” actress Margaret Qualley interpretive dancing her way through a fancy venue while wearing a bright evening gown.

Swift’s “Delicate” features nearly identical scenes, with users calling it a “tone-deaf” rip-off with “worse dancing” since Qualley is a professionally trained dancer and Swift is not.

In both videos, the women gesture wildly around a bodyguard, make facial features part of their dance routine and both perform gorilla-like dances, all filmed with similar camera angles. After the video’s debut on Sunday night, Twitter users were quick to point out that there is much more in common than not between the videos.

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Despite reports from Page Six which attributes a cheeky response to “Delicate” to the fashion house, a rep for Kenzo tells ET Canada the brand has not commented on Swift’s video.

“We would like to advise that Kenzo has not commented on this subject, these are not official comments from Kenzo and that the Kenzo fashion house has no comment on the matter,” the rep says in a statement to ET Canada on Tuesday.

Jonze, Kahn and Swift have not addressed the video similarities at this time.

New York Magazine‘s Kenny Wassus breaks down the similarities between the two videos on Twitter, posting side-by-side screen grabs from the videos.

Wassus isn’t the only one to notice the similarities between the two videos.





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