Tom Brady Eats Strawberry For First Time, Chugs Beer On ‘Colbert’

Tom Brady had never eaten a strawberry before in his life… until now.

The New England Patriots quarterback was on Global’s “The Late Show” Monday night when Stephen Colbert asked how it was possible that he could hate strawberries, but never have eaten one.

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“I hate the smell of strawberries,” Brady explained, to which Colbert responded: “That’s springtime, Tom.”

Colbert then brought out a box of strawberries and challenged Brady to eat one, which he did.

“Not that bad,” Brady said, clearly not enjoying the experience. “Mom, are you proud of me?”

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Next, Colbert challenged Brady to a beer chugging contest.

With the audience cheering them on, Brady managed to chug the entire beer in one gulp while Colbert struggled to get it all down.

“That was good,” Brady said. “That was really good.”

Fans on Twitter were stunned at how easily Brady was able to down the pint.

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