Iggy Azalea peered into the future of her love life, thanks to the help of “Hollywood Medium” Tyler Henry. As for any future romances, Azalea declared that one thing she’s learned in her 27 years on Earth is that she’ll no longer be dating any rappers.

“I already know not to talk to any rappers,” Azalea tells Henry in the clip above, previewing an upcoming episode of “Hollywood Medium”.

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“I know how we are. It just won’t work and I know that,” she admits.

“There’s only enough room for one rapper per relationship and I’m taking that all up. It would be too ridiculous. I need balance in my life. I don’t know how I would have any if they did the same thing as me. No, thank you,” adds Azalea.

The “Fancy” rapper, however, also told Henry that she’s starting to worry she may never meet the right guy. “I thought I had it all figured out. Am I going to be 35 and not have met anyone?” she asks.

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