Baker Makes Life-Size, Realistic Kim Kardashian Cake

Kim Kardashian has inspired plenty of art, but a new project really takes the cake.

Cakemaker Debbie Wingham has baked a life-size, realistic, proportionally correct cake in the likeness of the reality TV star.

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Wingham posted photos of the cake and the process of making it on Instagram.

According to Wingham, building the cake replica of Kardashian involved 3D-printing technology.

Additionally, she revealed the cake was actually commissioned by a Kardashian look-alike, so technically it’s not a Kardashian cake at all, though the features are very similar.

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So those who guessed the gorgeous Kim K West they were correct, well kind of but actually it was a trick question because the cake was made for a Kim K look alike, very similar features but differing slightly from the world famous KKW. Body shape wise and her facial features too. After All there is only one @kimkardashian I tried a pioneering techinque and 3D printed KKW face in edible materials and used that as a foundation and built upon it with modeling chocolate mixed with @massa_ticino_sugarpaste to adapt the features to make my Kim K look alike client. Then used edible powders to contour her face and bring it to life scroll across and see the process #cakeartist #cake #foundation #3dprint #pioneeringtechinques #cakeartist #couturetocakes #cakecouturier #sculptress #hautecouturierturnedcakeartist #kardashians #legendarykim

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This isn’t the first life-like cake Wingham has created. Last month she showed off a cake replica of an Arabian bride.



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